Cassette ‘Mix’ Tape (Linocut Print)

  • Cassette ‘Mix’ Tape (Linocut Print)
  • Cassette ‘Mix’ Tape (Linocut Print)
  • Cassette ‘Mix’ Tape (Linocut Print)
  • Cassette ‘Mix’ Tape (Linocut Print)
  • Cassette ‘Mix’ Tape (Linocut Print)

A nostalgic piece for people of a certain age! Here's my hand-carved, hand-pressed, personalise-able Linocut print of a cassette ‘mix’ tape, made for you to order your very own custom-made print - perfect for Valentine’s Day or another special occasion!

My generation was glued to the radio on Sunday afternoons 2-4pm, with our ring and forefingers poised over the ‘play’ and ‘record’ buttons, ready to tape our favourite songs as they came on the Top 40!

My favoured cassette tape as a teenager was a TDK AD90 (90, because the 45 minutes on each side was generally the right length to record an album!), and I used to catch the bus to Forest Hill in South East London to buy any music or stationery requirements from WHSmith - hence the obligatory pencil to help rewind any stretched tape (if you’re old enough, you’ll understand!).

I’ve “labelled” the cassette by carving a second block to overprint the first. This means that I can customise labels to write a specific song, year, band or album that means something to you and a loved one, simply by making a second block unique to you. Mix tapes took a long time to compile, and were often put together as tokens of love or affection for a special person. For this reason, I thought a customisable print of a cassette would make a great gift for a loved one for Valentine’s Day, or indeed any other special occasion... making it as personal to you as your own mix tape was!

This is an uneditioned print, because of its customisable nature. Please message me with your requests for a special song, favourite band, or particular year (for example). Maximum 40 characters. Alternatively, choose from one of the options in the drop-down.

I can even post it direct to your intended recipient to maintain secrecy...

Carved in 2021.


This image is signed, hand-carved and hand-pressed, and is printed with water-based ink on 120 gsm paper that is bright white with a matt surface, approximately 250x175mm in size. This paper is wood free and has been bleached without chlorine. The image itself measures approximately 150x125mm.

Due to the customisable nature of this print, it's an open edition. As with all handmade items, each one will vary slightly, making it completely unique - but all the more so with this one, as I'm able to tailor it to make it completely unique to you. Please note this print will arrive unframed - picture is for demonstration purposes only.