Handprinted Linocut and Woodcut Prints by Louise Midgley


I passionately believe that as human beings we are all innately creative, but in today's busy and technology-filled lifestyles our souls are being starved of this outlet. It's well documented that creativity and mental wellbeing go hand in hand, so is it any wonder that our mental health is suffering? I am making it my mission to bring creativity back into people's lives, and I promise you will leave feeling proud of your achievements - I've even been told that I've healed someone's "art scars"!

If you come to any of my workshops you will be given a loyalty card, and receive one stamp for each workshop you attend. Once you have five stamps you'll get the sixth workshop for free!

I've run my workshops at various venues including  Royal Holloway, University of London, Egham Museum, Craft Coop, community cafes, and as an alternative work Christmas party. You can come to my home to enjoy an intimate workshop with a couple of friends around my kitchen table, or I can come to your home or workplace if you have a group of friends or colleagues who want to try something new.



My original workshop: join me on a whistlestop 2-hour workshop, when I will teach you the basics of linocut and how to print it onto paper. All materials provided; £25 per person.


A similar format to the Introduction to Linocut workshop, but you will be carving into wood rather than Lino. All materials provided for this two-hour workshop; £25 per person.


Let me guide you through the process of carving your own linocut and printing it onto a tote bag in this two-hour workshop. All materials provided; £30 per person.


This is a two-part workshop, with each part lasting two hours. In the first session you will imprint patterns into air dry clay using traditional Indian woodblocks. So much fun! The following week you will return, once the clay has had time to dry, and paint or decorate them however you choose. Perfect for Christmas decorations, Valentine's gifts or simply to make pretty trinket bowls or pendants! All materials provided; £50 for the two sessions (and you will get two stamps on your loyalty card).


Using my traditional Indian woodblocks, you will leave with as much wrapping paper and as many gift tags as you are able to print in the allotted time! All materials provided; £25 per person for a 2-hour workshop.